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When you select us to market and list your home, it is our responsibility to advocate for you and your home in the best possible way.  That means we have to tell your home's story in such a way to position it as valuable and unique compared to it's competition.  It is no longer enough to simply present a home on the MLS and say that it has so X number of bedrooms, bathrooms and X square footage.

Below are just some of the benchmarks of our EliteEdge marketing system.

Target the Right Buyers

Our proprietary CBx app delivers big data into a visual format that provides you with a buyer profile that allows you to see the most likely buyer for your home.

Video Engagement

Videos tell a story in a way that no other medium can. Your home will get a dynamic listing video that makes your home stand out.

Professional Photography

Professional photos are essential to our marketing plan. This first impression is often the deciding factor in whether the buyer decides to set that viewing appointment or not.

Custom Property Site

Your property will get a dedicated site with a variety of media tools to answer the buyer’s questions and get them into your home.

Digital Advertising

Your home will be advertised on social media and across the web. A visually-compelling, branded page will be created that is specifically designed to generate buyer inquiries.

Rapid Response

Buyers demand immediate answers to their inquiries about your home. We have systems in place rapidly respond and start the conversation about the home within minutes of the inquiry.

Social Media

In an increasingly social world, we know where and how to reach the right buyers for your property with social postings that are relevant to the right demographic.

Marketing Pieces

Professional home flyers and marketing pieces will be made available to prospective buyers and will include your home's key features, professional photos, local resources and more.

Professional Yard Signs

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